This Virtual Career Fair Platform Will Grow Even More in 2023

U.C. NOW, a recognizable virtual career fair platform is entering more educational institutions in 2023! The name of this online community software platform became well-known in Hong Kong during the COVID-19 quarantine time when communities could not find efficient methods to practice their day-to-day activities because of the social-distancing rules. UC. NOW appeared as a savior with outstanding features that made virtual communication easy and efficient!

The initial idea of the UC. NOW was to provide a solid digital space that will help participants follow events effectively and stay engaged even after the webinars finish. With an innovative InfoHub, this virtual career fair platform offers incomparably more than just a video conferencing link. It is a comprehensive solution for groups of all sizes that need a quality online community software platform to operate successfully.

After the social distancing rules were not as strict anymore as they were in 2020, communities that used UC. NOW as their main virtual career fair platform were too satisfied with it so most of them decided to integrate this software into their regular programs. They didn’t have to host virtual meetings so often but they didn’t exclude them completely. Instead, members accepted UC. NOW is a facilitating tool that not only helps them connect virtually but also study, exchange, and submit materials that groups can access at all times.

While the online community software platform is used widely by educational institutions in Hong Kong, the categories of users are diverse! Thus, recruitment companies and a variety of communities gladly embraced UC. NOW and joined a list of satisfied clients that understand the importance of online engagement and are decisive to use it in the best possible way.